Not only can you download all of Serenity’s music on Apple Music, but you can also hear it broadcasted over the radio on the following stations:

  • CJRT FM, Toronto, Ontario
  • KAHM Spring Valley, Ariz.
  • KKJZ, Long Beach, California
  • KPRI, San Diego, California
  • KUNV, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • WBNL, Boonville, Indiana
  • WESM, Maryland Eastern Shore, Ocean City
  • WICN, Worchester, Mass.
  • WJSK, Bartlett, New Hampshire
  • WJSU, Jackson, Miss.
  • WKTX, Cortland, Ohio
  • WUSF, Tampa, Florida
  • WVCR, Loundonville, New York
  • V98.7 (HD2), Detroit, Michigan
published on Wednesday, July 24th, 2019