Shhh it’s’ a secret…well, kind of.

Never one to be idle for long. the New Year for Serenity has brought on the urge for her to return to the recording studio to produce her next album.

Though the song list is secret, she will admit that it combines the influences of her early childhood and expands into her teen years. Serenity will sing a collection of songs that once again take us on a journey to yester-year. The timelessness of the songs are evident and will be presented with her own unique brand of modern/throwback expression.

Serenity loves to sing the songs that resonate deeply with her both lyrically and emotionally and she has chosen every song carefully because they each reflect a part of her own story, her own journey of self expression, joy, loss and the richness that only living a bold life can provide.

“I remember parading around as a little girl about ten years old with a RED transistor radio in my hand all day long switching stations from the music of the times to the oldies that would one day shape my life and form a soundtrack of relevance and magic, unique to me as if they were created, just for me. “

Serenity confides that her only goal really is to share her love of songs, in a collection on this album that will have you traveling with her in time and beyond.

She is expected to announce the title and content of her new album this spring, along with details about the producer, recording studio and talent that will join her on the new release.